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MSP LNC 2008

2008 LNC Featured Breakout Sessions

View Breakout: Teacher Leaders 
Breakout Session Number 9A

MSP Project:
MSP Knowledge Management and Dissemination Project

Barbara Miller and Iris Weiss

Barbara Miller and Neil Schiavo, EDC

View Breakout: Content Knowledge of Teachers: Science, Middle and High School Emphasis  
Breakout Session Number 18B

MSP Project:
Boston Science Partnership

Abstract Authors & Presenters:
Joan Karp, Hannah Sevian, Marilyn Decker,
Christos Zahopoulos, Robert Chen, Arthur Eisenkraft

View Breakout: Measuring the Value of Partnerships: Tools for Measuring Partnership Growth and Outcomes  
Breakout Session Number 26A

MSP Project:
Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)

Sheila Jones and Nancy Vandergrift