Developing Teacher Leaders
Authors: Dava Coleman, Sheila Jones

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2. Claims Examined
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Hypothesis:  If given appropriate tools and the flexibility to serve as a leader in a school, by the PRISM leadership at the state, regional and local level, PRISM lead teachers will be able to support other PRISM K-12 teachers as they all work to achieve the goal of improving science and mathematics student learning.  PRISM lead teachers should be able to:

  • Communicate with various audiences
  • Assist in the development of the school improvement plan
  • Organize and facilitate school-based science and mathematics study groups/learning communities
  • Provide support to teachers on specific problems of practice by identifying and operationalizing appropriate professional development strategies
  • Coordinate and facilitate teacher-managed professional development
  • Initiate concise, timely and accurate communication with school, district, and PRISM staff
  • Advocate for PRISM strategies and activities
  • Serve as a contact between PRISM evaluators and PRISM teachers
Assist in the evaluation of PRISM activities by maintaining and collecting activity documentation