STEM Intern Model Highlighting a Year-Long Internship
Authors: Tracy Irish, Holly Bozeman, Shirley Zongker, Dinah Little, George Newberry, Anne Spence

1. Context of the Work
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1. Context of the Work
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The STEM pre-service internship is one component of an intense one-year teacher preparation program offered through a partnership between UMBC and BCPS. Candidates engage in a related STEM school-based internship from mid-August to the following June and complete courses by the end of July. The setting for this year-long experience is a STEM Academy - a professional learning community that works with the partnership to provide quality academic and clinical experiences for teacher candidates and meaningful professional development experiences for teachers and faculty. The internship is a full-time teaching experience in which teacher candidates are fully engaged in the activities of planning, implementing, evaluating, learning, and developing an academic environment for achievement in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.