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Moises Orengo




Professor Moiss Orengo-Avils is a graduate from Brown University, in Rhode Island, where he received his doctoral degree in Physics. He has an ample administrative experience, he was Assistant the Director and Associated Director of the Department of Physics, Director of the Center of Professional Enhancement, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research of the College of Arts and Sciences and Dean of this College since August 2002. His main interest is educational research in Physics. He has published several articles and books and worked actively on proposals related to this field. Orengo-Avils was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico, is the 11th son of Diego Orengo-Torres and Delfina Avils-Galarza (q.e.p.d.); he has a total of 12 brothers and sisters. 


educational physics 


'Actividades contructivistas para la enseanza de Ciencias, Matemticas y Educacin a nivel universitario', PR Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation, (published May 2003), co-author