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Puerto Rico MSP Members

Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 37 Puerto Rico MSP members.

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user iconAnibal Cruz y PerezProject StaffPRMSP
user iconLuz V. Concepcion-GasparProject Director, Project ParticipantPR-MSP
user iconAmanda ClintonUniversity of Puerto Rico
user iconMilagros BravoProject EvaluatorUPR
user iconMichelle BorreroPIUniversity of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras
user iconRosa BetancourtProject ParticipantUPR-RP
user iconSandra BeltranFrancisco Gaztambide School
user iconCarmen BellidoProject EvaluatorUniversity of Puesrto Rico-Mayaguez
user iconRoxana AuccahuallpaProject StaffAlaCima
user iconJosefina ArceProject StaffUniversity of Puerto Rico at Rio Pedras
user iconMaria AguirreProject StaffUniversity of Puerto Rico & PRMSP